I love this bar

One of the reasons we love so much the rink at which we skate is that there is a big crowd of adult “regulars” present every Saturday night. Until we know better, we’ve made up titles for the most interesting among them.

The Tall Girls are teens. We cannot tell them apart unless they are together. One of them has clearly become Cowboy Hat Girl, and she fainted the night my dear old friend was privileged to skate among the legends.

There are at least two older gentlemen–old enough to have been mature when I was born. They skate in time to the modern music and to the oldies, they shadow and pace with a few others occasionally.

There’s DW–a 50ish man that bears a striking resemblance to a retired race car driver. He rarely skates enthusiastically to anything recorded after 1980, I believe and the rest of the time he skates slowly in the inner circle, chatting with the other regulars.

There’s speed girl and speed mom. Took us weeks to guess they were related. My partner calls mom dancer mom, but she seems to be speed girl’s mother. Speed girl likes to race the boys. She switches easily back and forth between speed skates and speed inlines. She doesn’t dance much at all, but seems to want to. Her mother is an unadorned woman with a quiet confidence on skates that few rival. She wears artistic skates with jeans and a t-shirt and can do things many of the teens cannot. She performs silently, it seems, performing for only her own pleasure.

There’s Dr. S–amazing dancer with a routine. He has a partner–another guy (nicknameless as of yet)–with whom he skates in the center of the rink, a last remnant of that dancing that was around before Jam skating. I am always thrilled with Dr. S is in the Hizzouse!

There are countless others, but I will close with one who has become to be known as Dobby–in reference to the subservient house-elf of Harry Potter fame. A young man who lurks just at the edge of all the bright shining ones, who can skate almost as well as them all, but simply lacks the dominance gene (or else has experienced things in his life about which I wish not to think). I can almost hear him uttering, “Yes, Master….”

It is less than a month at this point until the WSA Nationals in lovely Hiram, GA. I can hardly!


~ by merialiss on June 11, 2004.

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