Nationals in 4 days, only 3 books left

I have read 7 and a half of the 11 books so far published in the Anita Blake series. Wahhhhh! I love how very flawed Anita is, and how she changes a bit, becomes less human through each book…and Ms. Hamilton has yet to alienate me as a reader! Wahoo! I have read nearly all three of the Merry Gentry books, too. I keep putting down Seduced by Moonlight and Blue Moon because I know the end is nigh.

And oh boy! Good Jamskaters are coming to Paulding county! Wahoo! This weekend. But I dunno what I will do. Do I bring my skates? Leave them in the car? Do I have a prayer of skating at all this weekend during the open sessions? Where will they seat and/or hold us all? Will My partner and I be the only SQUARES there? I am so nervous! I just wanna watch some talented skaters! That’s all I ask!

Until then…


~ by merialiss on July 7, 2004.

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