my Dark Grey Ugly Friday

I am in a rotten mood. I work all night, I sleep half the day, I wake up and clean my kitchen and make a little time to socialize with people I think I actually like (rare, I know). I come home (after driving way out of my way because I was not paying attention, and then trying to find a shorter cut home) to find my kitchen in much the same state that it was when I woke up! And my partner, the love of my life–did not even cook dinner. Certainly not thai weirdness. That’d be my mom. Ug.

So I slept til noon because I work again tonight, and now I am growling already. I have recently discovered that it might be a good idea to drastically reduce the volume of caffeine I drink in a day (for reasons a little too…ahem….delicate…for a public-esque forum, I dare say). Considering the fact that the happiest place on Earth, QT, stocks Rooster Booster Lite in their wall of fountain drinks, and Frozen Rooster Booster in their wall of Icee-type drinks…I fill my 52oz mug at least once a day if I can help it, twice on a good day.

Now…How am I supposed to live without (it)?

Now that I’ve been (drinking it) so long?

Okay, I realize that the above is a sure sign of addiction as I just broke into song over a beverage and its therein contained drug, but I can’t lie anymore! It is love!

On a lighter note, I finished Blue Moon and am now ready to scurry to the library and fetch Obsidian Butterfly. I am dreading this book. Those of you (as if anyone is ever gonna read this!) who have read this book know I am justified in my dread thereof. Anita has sworn off sexual contact! I know, I know, shame on me. But what is supposed to reward me when I have read all the words? Oh well, I actully love Ms. Hamilton’s writing style enough to grin and bear it, and the book is set in the Land of Enchantment. Please oh Please oh Please let her make a magical or preternatural reference to it being the Land of Enchantment…..

So the Nationals kick off today and I am not happy about that, either. I am working tonight, and Sunday night. When the Hell am I gonna get to watch some damn skating?!?!?

I am pleased, however. As soon as I sat to write this entry, the sun went away. Heheheheheheheheheeh


~ by merialiss on July 9, 2004.

2 Responses to “my Dark Grey Ugly Friday”

  1. Heehee…you are a good writer yourself!! I am impressed with thou’s blog.

  2. Thine. THine BLOG.

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