I have a hangover.

I don’t drink. But I am hung way out over whatever it is one hangs over when one feels the way I do.

I stayed up til 4am Friday and Saturday nights and awakened about 10am both days. That is just wrong for me. And skated almost 8 hours on Saturday.

At least I didn’t have to work last night, or I would be sleeping now (and that is a bad thing?).

Mmmm. Well, Sunday I managed to miss all the stuff I really really wanted to see at Nationals. *sigh* The Shuffle competition was in the morning while I was still asleep. I caught the end of the female standard 16 and up solos and all of their male couterparts. I caught the 16 and up doubles for both genders and mixed. Then I saw the pro division singles. My video camera’s battery died during the women’s pro division. By the time the doubles and teams were warming up, I had to go home to get ready for work and to call and make sure that they didn’t need me–to cover both of my bases. Well, it took a LOT longer for my resource to have time to call me back and tell me she didn’t need me. So, I got back to Hiram Sparkles in time to wait for the awards ceremony. Well, by then all I had eaten all day was the bag of powdered Krispy Kreme donuts I grabbed at WalMart that morning and I knew for a fact that my family had followed me into Hiram to eat at IHOP for dinner. I weighed it out in my head and decided that eating cheese blintzes in the company of my family was much more important to me in the moment than waiting around for strangers to win trophies for acts I hadn’t seen. Who says my priorities aren’t in line? So, cheese blintzes it was 🙂

I did get video coverage of some dazzling performances, but there isn’t a lot of variety or standardization in this arena. I know in other performance sports, like figure skating, one must cover so much of the rink, perform a standard number of tricks (the better word escaped me) of varying amounts of difficulty, and obey certain other rules that make the perfomances somewhat equal, but also give the performers some room to be creative. They are also more professional. We had one guy who competed yesterday whose change fell out of his pockets when he did a handstand, and although he removed his glasses to do it, skated back over to the spot they were lying in and almost skated over them (and the award for biggest crowd reaction goes to….). It was strange indeed. They needed more organization. It was a national competition, but open to everyone. Calling them nationals just implies that people had competed regionally for the privilege of skating here. uh-uh. I feel cynical.

So, maybe it was the fact that I missed all my favorite, local skaters. Maybe it was the fact that I got so little sleep. Maybe it was the lack of professionalism. Today I just can’t wait until the local competition in September. Forget Nationals. Forget Rude Team Riedell.

Oh. Rude Team Riedell.

There was a sort of spirit contest among the competing teams. Those who yelled the loudest would win a Bear of some sort and $100. You’d think the smaller teams would care more, each member would get a cut of the daunting cash prize, but no. As the Emcee (Chuck) yelled out each team’s name, they were meant to yell really loud. They did this sometime while Team Riedell was skating around showing off the Team Cup that they won last year at nationals. Team BreakSk8 and Team Vibronics were clearly the loudest, but the award for least mature and most rude goes to Team Riedell, nationally sponsored team, award winners, Jamskating Ambassadors to the world: One of them simply saluted the Emcee with his middle finger while they yelled lamely. Boo. I love abit of sipirited rebellion, some nonconformism (okay, lots of it). but I don’t like unprofessionalism Yuk. So go ahead, Team Riedell, go home to Florida (which explains a lot, really).

I have no idea who won what. I plan to scour the net for results, and video over the next few weeks to share with my reading public. Bwahhahahaha! I wish they would let me update their web page with the results. Nothing is there. Maybe they don’t know about my fascination (surely I am the only one who cares who won and neither knows anyone who attended nor attended the even themselves). Maybe they do know, and they are as frightened by it as I am. I wouldn’t blame them. Bring on the restraining orders!

I need more coffee.

Ahem. I stand corrected, by the way:

Apparently There are some Rules for these competitions. But I think it is in its infancy anyway, so there.


~ by merialiss on July 12, 2004.

2 Responses to “Hungover”

  1. Nothing like being clean and hungover, haha!! I think that is more just being ~30ish and not being able to get by on not much sleep. I suffer mightily from this. Once in coma like state, my family can’t wake me up. Oh yeah, there is this scary red soda called Big Red here in Texas that I need to send you (also comes in Diet Big Red with Splenda). All the caffeine you will ever need in 8oz.

  2. I live on Rooster Booster Lite and Diet Mt. Dew. I have always wanted Big Red to come in diet form. I have always known about Big Red, it seems–it exists here in Atlanta–but it became important to me when I discovered that all those programmer geeks live on it. I knew then it must be worthy. Nectar. Mmmm. Nectar.

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