Put your love where your heart is

I’ll just have to decide on a title after I finish ranting and typing. I’ll get back to it, but you the reader never would have known.

I worked last night, a full twelve hours. It was a fun night since the nurse in charge was a fellow LKH fan. We compared our list of other favorite things, such as My So-Called Life and Dawson’s Creek. Go figure. Great minds think alike. I’ve noticed that about all the overlapping fandoms out there. Certain folks just tend to obsess over similar stuff.

I love fandoms. Bad thing about the internet….allows ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill enthusiasts to become fanatics in a matter of hours.

I discover an interest in anything, and in minutes I can find out everything I might want to know about that subject without serious research–especially helpful in mundane arenas without a body of peer-reviewed literature such as teen dramas and jamskating. I can immediately find out entirely too much about almost anything else, even if it is not an arena that usually hosts “fans” in the popular sense of the word: macrobiotics, unassisted childbirth, world religions, Bad Hair styles.

This had me puzzled afew months ago. I kept wondering why I kept getting so strung out on stuff so fast. One minute I would accept that he was indeed a good actor, the next minute he was jeopardizing my marriage. Eventually it did hit me that it was hard not to obsess on a thing when I knew entirely too much about it, entirely too quickly. Suddenly I knew when and where he was born and to whom he was engaged and what his favorite soap was and howmany slices of toast he eats each day. Made it easy to compare his diet to mine and his hygeine habits to mine. So there he was lurking in my every other thought. Maybe it has nothing at all to do with my lack of willpower and everything to do with the damn internet.

Then a friend suggested that the computer was the root of all my problems and–lightning-clear–I knew it was all me.

Couldn’t be the internet.

Had to be me,

Cause ain’t no way I’m giving this up.


And if I am not the problem there is no solution.

So….I chose to spread out my interests, and obsess a little bit here and there and save my real passion for where it matters–My Own Life.

If you’re not loving what you have then it mightn’t be that what you have isn’t lovable.

Perspective is everything.


~ by merialiss on July 14, 2004.

2 Responses to “Put your love where your heart is”

  1. Amen sister, perspective is everything. I saw the prophet, John Travolta, on Inside the Actors Studio Sunday and he spoke these words of wisdom: live your life with joy. Even when he was making shitty movies in the 80’s he learned to fly was able to travel and appreciated what he had at that moment. Then came Pulp Fiction. Words to live by, yeah and verily.

  2. Occasionally the neural pistons fire in synchronicity and I come off with something really cool to say. That was it. I just reread the last few lines and that was pretty good.
    John Travolta and Tom Cruise are missionaries in the Church of Scientology come to evangelize us. They speak Trooth. And I shall honor their Greatness. They know the the Trooth. Amen.

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