It is finished…

So I read all of them. I am done. Until, as you can plainly see from my new addition to my header, September 28th when the next book appears.


I read 14 books my Laurell K. Hamilton this summer. Plus the DaVinci Code (more bandwagons). I am so sad that my time in the Anitaverse has come to a close. I have already begun visiting, picking up the odd book and flipping to a random page. I’ve never been one to reread books, but I have picked these back up. I know I could read them again. Apparently, with enough steamy innuendo and eventually, flat out smut, I will read anything. I need to embrace this about me. Or maybe I need to go easier on myself and say that these characters have endeared themselves to me and the stories really are interesting. And rereading the books is like looking back through a photo album. However, I am much too self-concious to do that. I feel my judgement is clouded by my unabashed adoration of the series, so I can’t be trusted to give an objective review. I have no idea if these books really are good. They are certainly entertaining.

Of course, I have to say that if all I could watch in my DVD player were to be Oscar-winners, I would miss out on the pure joy of great entertainment like Dude, Where’s my Car? and Airplane! or even The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, and her Lover which really is a fantastic movie. So I guess I ought to lighten up on myself and just get used to the idea that I really like Laurell K. Hamilton’s writing, and get over it. We all need our vices.

So now I own all 11 Anita Books. Just in case someone wants to borrow them. I like to help my friends, you know?

And I wasn’t impressed with Charlaine Harris’ vampire story. Cute, but no depth, really. I mean just not as dimensional as the characters in the Anita books. I couldn’t relate to Sookie. I can relate to Anita in some ways. So those are out until the library gets them. No need to fork out cash.

Let’s see. Now I am reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Very nice. Beautifully written and edited and the grammar and style and usage are delightful. I am enjoying. So is my partner. We have matching books checked out from the library. Awwww.

Let’s see. Now that I am done in the Anitaverse, I need to look back. I did enjoy this series and the books have not become repetitive although there is a bit of predictability in some respects. Every man Anita is intimate with is unnaturally well-endowed (or is that supernaturally?), and there is a growing, heart-warming list of repetitive phrases, but I think that deserves its own post altogether!

So, now I will finish The Mists of Avalon and look for other fun things to read. I may start writing my very own smut, though, instead.


~ by merialiss on August 20, 2004.

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