Back to the Rink

Okay, somebody told me this was a Blog about rollerskating, not dental fetishism.

So this weekend? I went skating? And um it was like a really fun time.

But for real. We went to yet another rink in our tour of western Atlanta suburban skating rinks, the Smyrna Sparkles. We went on Saturday night, without kids. I had a blast! I skated for 3 hours with only small 1 or 2 song breaks. Considering that when I started this Blog I would have to completely remove my skates after skating to one song and rest through 2 or 3 songs, and it would take me 2 hours to get comfortable on skates providing I didn’t collapse or injure myself first. Saturday, I got mad and started skating like a 7 year old (I was sooooo tired of the kids and their kamikaze skating in random patterns that all seemed to cross my path repeatedly) with my arms spread wide out to either side and waving around. I discovered that I actually skate much better like that. Unfortunately, I look like a bleeding imbecile. (okay…more like a bleeding imbecile, I concede).

Let’s see, not that I have shared this much, but I will review the tour for you all.

Hiram=home, the place where it all began

Kennesaw is closer to our house, but the floor is concrete. The people who work there are so friendly, but the floor is freaking concrete! Any idea what that would do to my bones should I happen to land on them?! Cement, concrete people. Shite.

So then there was East Cobb. Oh, I liked it since it really felt old. I bet it used to be the ice skating rink ’cause it had a wall with doorways cut in all the way around. Then again, that is probably just cause they play hockey there. No dancing in East Cobb. Hockey. Hockey. Hock. Ey. Nice waxed wood floor, no polyurethane sticky stuff on top. I likey. But the building is huge and really reminds me of Playland, the rink I skated in as a child. *sigh* It, however, is a car dealership now. It had 2 rinks, a beginners’ rink and the regular one where all the cool people were. It did mean, however that one rarely tripped on small kids zooming between one’s legs. Of course, I wouldn’t really know ’cause back then, I was one of those kids.

And this weekend we went to Smyrna. A skater at Hiram actually recommended Smyrna for Saturday nights. See, the music at Hiram is really aimed at an older crowd on Saturday nights, plus it is so crowded. We liked Smyrna. Wood floor like East Cobb, waxed or oiled or whatever that is. Now, the big difference there is there was a police officer on duty there and they had a metal detector. It is a little bit in the ‘hood, but then, that was exactly the music we like to skate to. We were not by any means the only white folks there, either. No big deal. There’s a lot of overtly racist folks (don’t get me started on how we are all racist) out here in the boonies, so they don’t like to go to that Sparkles. We had a blast. Nice people skating, great floor and the music was awesome!

Or should I say phat?


~ by merialiss on August 23, 2004.

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