Jenny Turpish Slapped Me: Fillings. Unfortunately not creme.

Jenny Turpish Slapped Me:

“August 26, 2004 – Fillings. Unfortunately not creme.

I just got my

teeth cleaned and examined. It’s part of the grand series of medical work I’m

having done before I go to school. It had been five years since I’d been to a

dentist. No reason there except for pathological laziness. Straits were pretty


(I’m going to make fun of my dental condition here, but please

don’t mistake it for mocking my dentist. The whole staff was nice as hell. I

mean, I’ve had teeth pulled and cavities drilled and orthodontia and

shenanigans, and I’ve never had anybody who was mean or unpleasant or anything.

But the women who did my exam today made me feel like a pretty pretty princess

(*glee!*). They were all like, ‘okay, this might be a little uncomfortable.’

*Dink*. ‘Was that okay?’ If I hadn’t been so embarrassed about the decrepit

rotting receding chipped condition of my poor abused teeth it would have been a

party.) ”

Nice to see other folks are blogging their dentist visits. There should be more dental blogging. The world would be a better place, imho.

Heck, imho, dental pain is fun, so maybe y’all ought to ignore mho.

Just nice to see that there are others out there for whom a trip to the dentist is worth writing (home) about.



~ by merialiss on August 26, 2004.

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