LKH Blog: November 2003 notes about Anita #12, Incubus Dreams

LKH Blog: “Nathaniel has made himself a major player this book. Which surpirsed both Anita and me. Looking back I realize that it shouldn’t have, because what has Anita been forcing him to do for books and books? Be more independent, think for yourself, don’t be so submissive. What she and I forgot was that independent people can argue with us, and make demands on time, plot, and energy. He’s doing exactly what Anita wanted him to do, just not at all in the way she wanted him to do it.”

Ooooh goody a tidbit about everyone’s favorite house cat Nathaniel. Glory be. So gotta go look at my other blog to find out how many days….yeah…..32 days. This will be the longest September in years. 2001 was pretty long, so that just puts it all in perspective and dampens the frivolous spirit of this post. Darn.


~ by merialiss on August 26, 2004.

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