Spiderman 2

I thought I was the last person to see the film in the theatre, but I actually ran into a couple of really good friends at the theatre….so we were not alone. And there was actually a crowd.

I really loved the movie. I laughed out loud more than any other person in the audience and now I can’t remember half of what I thought was so funny. The movie was sappy and over the top but it was pure wish fulfillment and I am a sucker for wish fulfillment. Gimme what I want and I will let you get by with mediocre other stuff.

Anyway, I can’t possibly review the film any better than Tory at JTSM, so I wll just leave a link and let you read it yourselves.

August 9th, 2004 II Spiderman 2

But I have to disagree with one point of said review, but I think only because I’d had spoilers a year ago on the scene. I was disappointed with the Hal Sparks scene. I expected it to be a lot funnier. But really, I just wish I hadn’t known it was coming and could have been surprised by it. It was funny, just not holler out loud funny.

As an aside: my friend looked up and saw a 4 year old in the theatre and was all like, “who would bring such a little kid to this movie?”

And then she saw me with him. Heheheheh! I really have become that parent.


~ by merialiss on August 27, 2004.

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