Skating Updates

You know, I actually did get to go skating not twice, but thrice, over Labor day weekend. I spent a grand total of 7 hours skating (not including breaks, by my estimations). I had a lovely long blog post all done and then it got sucked up into the vacuum of cyberspace. I was mad, so I didn’t post for a while.

We made a huge mistake and skated in Smyrna on Sunday night. Ew. Culture shock, big time. No jamskaters. Not a one. They all wear artistic skates and skate in the old skool style, I reckon it would be called. For us, it was slow and aggravating and annoying and just plain bad. Folks would stop 2 or 3 at a time and do their slow subtle little moves in the middle of the lane–not the middle of the rink, but in the part up on which we’re supposed to be skating around in left-handed circles. Then we’d have to go around them. My partner felt like they were gunning for us and I felt like I couldn’t let go of his hand the whole night. We didnt last but like 2 hours there. It was the most crowded I’ve seen a rink since the 22nd annual Oldies reunion in March at Hiram. Bodies on bodies. No fun. Oh, we went there ’cause we were under the impression that since it was “Adults only” that is, over 21, night, we would get to hear some of the popular music of now that is not entirely suitable for young ears. Nope. We got R&B oldies. Better than Rock oldies for skating, but no by more than a hair’s breadth. Ick. Not again.

I skated so much that weekend, and the highlights included me keeping up with everyone on the rink at Hiram on a Saturday night, in step and everything; I had moves just like I did at Kennesaw back in July; My partner and I actually paced together almost all night and most especially, my partner and I actually danced together on skates–in a couples’ skate, we skated with you know, my hand in his, facing each other, with my other hand on his shoulder and all, like slow dancing! My friend at work says it don’t count ’cause I wasn’t the one skating backwards, but her ass fell down the last time she got on skates and she couldn’t sit right for weeks. So there. It counts.

That bit of showing off together was even sweeter and more satisfying because it was on Monday, free skating, and it was my Partner’s Birthday! 2 members of his family were there to witness our making history on the rink. *sigh* it just doesn’t get any better….or really, it continues to get better and better….

Last weekend, we skated on Friday night with the kids. Not our kids. The teens. My partner kept asking me if I was uncomfortable, but I wasn’t. I liked being up there on a Friday night. It was almost all teens, though, so we were in the minority, but they were polite on the rink (did not mow us down or laugh outright) and we got to hear all the really good skating music. I’d go back any week….’cept this one cause #1 I have to work and #2 it’s an all nighter. No thanks. I’ll work those hours, not skate them.

Saturday night I complied with my partner’s wishes and we finally went back to the cement floor at Kennesaw. I have been skeered of the cement floor–you know, the hitting it with parts of my body. But I actually enjoyed it. I was more paranoid than usual about falling, but I had a great time there. The music was modern, but more obscure–we didn’t know a lot of it. They did play good stuff, though. And it was so not crowded, and the lights were off–two big pluses for my partner. Hiram keeps the lights on on Saturday nights, for the old folks, we presume.

I only wish I could skate this weekend. I am wondering when and how I can skate instead–like tonight on ladies night or when? I just don’t want to have to wait ’til October to skate again!! Yikes!

Such is life, though. It will make the skating that much sweeter.

Oh, and I actually crossed my right foot over my left in the corners last weekend and the weekend before. Am I cool, or what?


~ by merialiss on September 22, 2004.

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