I am so cool!

I had a breakthrough this weekend!

I crossed my feet in turns….repeatedly….purposefully! It just happened and I just happened to catch what it felt like and then I could replicate the motion on demand. Very nice. It is still a very clunky move, but it is the rea deal, no more faking it and now even less Frankstein monster moves!

I am so proud of me. I rule.

We skated from 7-11 on Saturday night with the old farts 🙂 and today, Sunday, with the kiddies.

I have finally conceded that I prefer Sundays at Hiram. The music is better, it is a day that I can predictably and regularly skate, they turn the lights out, and all my favorite people are usually there. Of course, most of my favorite people are usually there…they seem to live there.

We are really starting to feel welcome there, and to know some people.

Unfortunately, with getting to know people comes getting to know people we would rather not know…Ick

We met scary pain-killer guy who just came into a lot of money & was hell-bent on telling us about all the crap he is buying….scary guy. Ick. Wants me to fix him up with a “good woman who doesn’t want [his] money.” Yeah, right. Like you could get a woman without the money….

My partner speedskated with 2 other old farts…..that was cool. I was proud of my man! ::beats chest:: And in doing so he actually had an almost friendly encounter with the MAN of the rink. Talk about a breakthrough..

Met another employee today… Explained to GF #2 that I plan to do nothing else with my life but learn to jamskate. She was kind enough to point out that I actually have accomplished other things in my life. Oh Duh. That was cool. Amazing how nicotine can change your life. Smoking is good, I tell you.

So I am a cool skater person. At least in my world, and my world is the only one that matters. I wish I could brag to my dear old friend. Wonder how she’s doing deep in the heart of Texas??

Oh well, I just can’t wait to skate again. Hoping I will get to skate on Wednesday, since I am working every single other night this week coming. Ick. I done it to myself though.


~ by merialiss on October 10, 2004.

One Response to “I am so cool!”

  1. I am so proud of you!! I have not been skating since I began my life of slave labor almost 90 days ago. I may have to break down and take the kids next weekend. I still can’t cross my feet in turns. I skate like I am trying to either, run and not fall or just not fall. Sort of like the kid we saw that looked like Fred Sanford on wheels.
    I agree, when meeting people, you have to take the good with the bad.

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