Jugglezine – Intentional Living

Jugglezine – Intentional Living: “Just say no. While this is Time Management 101, it’s difficult to master because we get a certain pleasure out of helping other people. ‘But it’s only one of life’s pleasures,’ Morgenstern explains, ‘and it shouldn’t monopolize your time, because you’ll end up feeling depleted.’ In general, there are two or three people in each of our lives that don’t hesitate to spend our time to accomplish their objectives. Identify who they are and learn to say no to them. ”

Well, now, this is not one of my problems in real life. Only at work does it interfere with my ability to manage time. And apparently it is only at work that I have the ability to manage time. Perhaps I can learn from this after all.

All joking aside, I know it my heart of hearts that if I did half of what I do on a daily basis intentionally, I would have some free time and I would have a sense of accomplishment. Mindfulness. Mindfulness. Here I am logging off in this moment….


~ by merialiss on October 21, 2004.

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