The only good thing about November 3rd, 2004

It certainly wasn’t the results of the election. That’s fer shurr. But I’ll keep my politics a bit more to myself than all that.

The good thing about today, the salve that soothed my sorrowful soul….

Ladies Night at Sparkles!

Rarely do I get a midweek skate session and since I am apparently the weekend warrior at work, I haven’t had a lot of weekend time to skate lately. So I lucked up tonight and got to go skate with the kiddies. Well, not my kiddies, the teens of the rink. And the entire cast of characters, at least the starring cast, was there! It was a lovely evening. The music is just so much better on Wednesday nights than on Saturdays.

We skated last Friday, too, but we went to the other rink since Hiram was having a Halloween all night skate. We are much too old for that. But we had a grand time at Kennesaw on the cement floor and I haven’t yet broken anything on it. I am quite pleased with my performance there. They finally added a line, a circle, in the middle of the rink and so now I don’t get lost. I know, it’s a circle, how could I get lost? I’m just sad that way.

Speaking of additions! Sparkles Hiram is undergoing a fabulous rennovation and we saw the dramatic results tonight. They’ve knocked down walls and added walls and replaced the carpet–a fact with which I am none too pleased, because now the old wheels will not roll at all on all the plush new carpet… much for maintaining my suave appearance when I exit the rink. Oh well. They are adding a play area so now I can leave my children unattended without so much guilt….

Off to write for NaNo….my muse if I had one went on vacation after she apparently smoked a bunch of crack and fed me a load of crap that I mistook for a plot. So here I go, three days in, to start fresh!

I’d rather be rollerskating.


~ by merialiss on November 4, 2004.

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