Okay so I rule. Period.

Another Sunday.

Another 3.5 hours of sleep after working 12 hours over night.

Followed by yet another 4.5 hours of skating.

That alone rocks.



And what really made today a red letter day in skating history is that

#1: I turned around. I have been wishing that I could turn from skating forwards to skating backwards so that I would have the momentum to skate backwards with less effort and therefore work on adding some finesse, some flair. Now, I am seriously challenged when it comes to learning to do things with my body that require coordination. Random movements, fine. Coordinated movements, not fine. But today I made headway by turning around several times so that when I was facing in the opposite direction, I was still moving in the same direction that I was moving in to begin with. I only fell on my ass once. And I managed to miss my coccyx. Heheheheheh. That’s tailbone to all you layfolk. I can still sit and walk without pain. Woot.

#2: There was a real speed skate. And I participated. I did not fall. I did not go totally fast and alf only bumped into me 2 times. I started to lose it once but I made sure I paid much closer attention to the precise location and movements of my limbs from then on. Not the time to let the old mind wander off. I stayed up through the entire Song. (I stand alone by Godsmack, btw, same as last week and my girlfriend was not even there to DJ today).

We had to wait until Mrs. Crabs left to have a speed skate. And my soul sister was playing DJ at the moment. She barged up in there when FG #2 vacated the DJ booth to be relegated to rental duty. She is my long lost little sister, I believe. Not sure I want to get to know any of these people better.


~ by merialiss on January 10, 2005.

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