Happy Birthday to me…Early even!!

My Sweetie gave me my b-day gift last night: a real-live laptop!

I’m having yet another Romy & Michelle moment with it.
Remember that part where one of them holds up her Giant Brick of a cell phone and proudly offers its use to anyone & everyone at the reunion? Well, I felt that way about nearly every cell phone I’ve bought and now I totally feel it: I’m one of those people now!

So now I am obsessively adding all my “essentials” to the new machine and trying to remember what I’m missing. We need to get a cable to hook up the old machine down yonder to the network. My budding D&D darling upgraded the desktop, too, so all must be removed from the old machine so it can be wiped and passed on to the younger members of our household. Last time I placed many Things of Importance into the shared documents folder on the old machine and the darn thing absolutely refused to share anything once it had been reformatted! Um. So this time I shall find a better way, I hope.

I just love all the setting up of the new computer. It takes me back….ahh the good old days 🙂 AOL and not knowing what a tilde (~) was, and what is the difference between an email address and a web address? Those were the days…


~ by merialiss on November 14, 2006.

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