Okay, when in grave doubt, read the instructions. Can’t hurt, can it? It only took 3 tries for me to figure out which portion of the address was enough of the URL to point the browser in the right direction. (uploaded_images/cherryback-706406.jpg — in case you were wondering…and that bit was my first instinct but since I’m working without a proper mouse and all being that this is a laptop with only a wee touchpad, I selected the whole thing first off and had to run through just the image file, the whole thing including the domain, and then the bit with the directory in which the image is stored….)
I love learning this stuff. Why do I put it off?
My loving partner insisted upon referring to me as a Blogger today in quite a derogatory way. Well, if he can be a DDO geek, I can be a Blogger. Mwah. >x<

But this is a prime example of how learning happens in my house. We get obsessed, or sometimes just a bit interested, and we find out everything we need to know about it, and anything we mind need to know to get to the information that we desire.

Now, if I can just get those rotten voices out of my head about what others think of us!


~ by merialiss on January 8, 2007.

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