Ugh. Snow in Pickens, Rain in Cobb

Nexrad Mixed Composite Radar Map : Weather Underground

It’s not fair! I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know that the winter storm warning would not apply, but with such a long warm winter and seven long years stretching between today and the last major winter even around here…hope had lingered, then waffled quite Kerry-like.

Especially when I woke at 3am and the precip was all rain. Lots of rain. Flip.

But then at 6am there were ice pellets evident, all lying about on the front porch and cars and not melting despite the rain. Flop.

But the snow in Habersham and Pickens counties has sickened me.
I had to change the channel. Maybe channel 5 will make the temperature stop rising.

‘Course now my partner has left the house and he’s all vulnerable out there in the frozenness, so I don’t want it getting ugly now.


Oh, and today we had plans to travel across town to play with friends and lo and behold! This is the first time since like Thanksgiving that we have had such plans and it goes and gets all meteorologically ambiguous out there. Gr.


~ by merialiss on February 1, 2007.

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