Bleh. Rain.

So all we got was rain. Soaking, life-giving nectar of the gods.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

It was all for the best because it meant we could keep our date across town and go play with other home schooled kiddos. Discovered my buddy has the exact same laptop and lap desk to go with it. And they own the first series of the the new Doctor! And they are happy about it.

She introduced me to Paperback Swap. I shall look into it.

Oh! Almost forgot! Me love called midday at some point this week to tell me about I ain’t got a mic for my laptop so I ain’t tried it out yet, but it looks like fun. Next time I have a song trapped in my head, I’ll grab me love’s mic and sing into it. (how’s that for a thinly veiled euphemism? but not.)

Today we’re off to purchase some shiny shiny fabric with which to make chain-mailish type armorish things.


~ by merialiss on February 2, 2007.

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