On the Law of Attraction

Today I wanted my kitchen to be cleaner. I came home after working all night and the kitchen was trashed. It had been so for days, but it had gone on long enough. It had become perfectly clear that nobody was going to clean it up but me. So rather than my usual modus operandi of conjuring rage to complete household tasks, I chose to “see” what I needed to do to make it happen.

First, I changed clothes. I might end up staying up all day and I might get dirty. No point in wearing my scrubs for that. I even put shoes on.

I pulled up some good-feelin’ music cause I knew the ambience needed a bit of work.

And I got busy. I chose to enjoy it.

It was easy to enjoy it when I let go of judgement; I was keeping my mind free of who made the mess, of what anyone else was doing at the moment. I thought about how nice it was to have a clean kitchen. I thought of the contradiction of messy messy Mary Alice spending so much time fretting over a clean kitchen. I allowed myself to enjoy the detail work, to immerse myself in the work of removing stains, of taking the extra moment to do it right.

I allowed the thoughts to pass through me– those that usually stop me. I realize that I usually worry over getting taken advantage of when I clean, of missing out on something fun because I turned a 10 min job into a 2 hour job. I worry that Someone else is not pulling their weight because I am cleaning up after them. “It’s not my job to clean up after YOU!” That echoes through time to me from my childhood.

Yet there is so much I have learned about activities I enjoy that I have discovered through working outside the home.

I like to take the time to do things right, to my standards. I enjoy the satisfaction and the ease of doing all the steps required, of preparing ahead of time, of anticipating the next step. I enjoy serving others, of being a surprisingly joyful and loving, helpful presence. And that is exactly what I want to be in my home, for my family.

So, if I enjoy the cleaning or the organizing while I do it, I don’t have to worry about having missed out on something fun because I was doing something fun.

I always have a choice, too. If someone comes along with a better offer whilst I scrub the kitchen, I can stop and go do something more fun. I mean, nothing’s gonna be any worse than it was before, right? Dishes out, whatever, nothing much different than if I hadn’t done anything else. And I still get to do something fun!

And yet, nothing else came along, so I got the fun of cleaning and the satisfaction of a clean kitchen and no conflicts.

I was done in no time.

Then I went to bed.


~ by merialiss on February 6, 2007.

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