How ya gonna see "Meh" now?

How the Internet is saving the interjection. – By Ben Yagoda – Slate Magazine

What a delightful piece, my favorite portion of which is:

The main reason for the grammarians’ neglect is that interjections operate
outside of grammar—they are words that unilaterally express a sentence (or more)
worth of meaning. Not!: “My previous statement is inoperative.” Duh: “You’ve
stated something rather obvious.” Psst: “Come closer, without calling attention
to yourself. I want to tell you something in confidence.” Ka-ching: “That’s a
good idea. You might even make some money off of it.”

I am so drawn to these little bits of information. They are so information-dense, these sounds.

I’m sure it all stems from my obsession with not being left out, but there’s not a need to get too deep here.

I explained “meh” in another post, but I hadn’t conceptualized “awwa” to this extent. Probably because the folks I read online don’t generally go in for cuteness. I wonder where he would place “erm” in the continuum of interjections to discourse markers. It is almost an “um” but it means a bit more. Maybe I’ll comment on his article.

Or maybe not.



~ by merialiss on February 24, 2007.

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