Breastmilk Biohazard

The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog: City Kids DayCare Chain Charges Mom MORE Money to Watch Breastfed Infant

Psychos in charge. Somebody has a serious breast aversion, here.

As a mother/baby RN I am exposed to breastmilk a lot. We are supposed to treat it like any other bodily fluid, iow, wear gloves when handling it directly. Even then I would probably stake my life on it if I had to: HIV is generally thought to be killed easily by the GI system. I doubt that any HIV present in EBM would be particularly virulent simply because of the white blood cells and other immunity-enhancing substances in the milk itself. I guess maybe I would not want to pour breast milk into a fresh, open, bleeding wound. So I will try to refrain from doing so.

My point is, breast milk is a unique substance. It is MADE to be given to another being, which distinguishes it from blood. Blood is meant to be used by one person only. And milk and blood are distinguished from feces and urine by the fact that they are not waste products and therefore inherently dirty. Poop and pee are supposed to be dirty. They are the trash of the body. There are a couple of fluids that lurk in the grey area: snot and spit. Their role is different in each moment. Sometimes they are waste and sometimes not, but in either case they are not meant for anyone else.

So I can see keeping blood and poop and pee and snot and spit from others. God forbid it touches anyone. It truly poses a documented threat to humanity at large.

Human milk, no…not so much so. Not really. Not like the other stuff.

Go ahead and ponder the truth in my blog here while you pick up some milk to drink with your cookies. Milk from another species, that is, cause drinking species-appropriate milk, HUMAN milk, would be just NASTY. Gag.


~ by merialiss on March 3, 2007.

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