Reliving my Happy Childhood

Alice Cooper From the Inside

How many weeks have passed since I have expressed my undying and unwavering gratitude that I found my dearest and most delightfully unique childhood friend when I did and that she tolerated me long enough to make me her fan club and then continued to allow me to follow her around even until I made her stand up for me at my wedding?

I doubt I have ever bothered to tout her loveliness and ingenuity here within this medium, but even in real life have I sung her praises recently?

Well, then. It is on the heels of discovering that the ENTIRE Alice Cooper catalog has FINALLY been made available electronically!! I am basking.

I know it had to have saved my life that I met a fellow intellectual, a fellow rebel way back when I was….younger than my oldest child is now! I was 8? Or so. And I met a very tall girl with very short hair and was forced to spend a great deal of time with her all of a sudden. And I was afraid of her loud father and I was in awe of her person. I was in awe of her from the early 1980’s until present day…still am. She grew up and now she fancies tax law. But not before she introduced me to Alice Cooper.

And not with Nightmare, oh no. She introduced me to From the Inside. This album is a theme album with songs that tell the stories of the inmates in a mental institution. This was our theme music for most of our time together. Sure, there was also Led Zeppelin and The Beastie Boys and The Violent Femmes but they were just pleasant additions.

So grateful she found the only music fit to accompany the insanity of my life.

So grateful that she read every book she touched, grateful that she told me about them. Grateful she somehow knew everything we needed to know. I knew some stuff, I guess, although, like the Doctor’s companions, I feel like my only asset was that I could keep up and hold my own.

So, in my bliss and glee that I can listen to this album again (l do look back with great chagrin and wonder why I hadn’t bought the dang CD…although I did own it at one point–wait! I remember why–I resent the CD packaging!! That was it! I didn’t want to own anything other than the record because it was packaged far from pragmatically, with lyrics on the sleeve and most importantly, the album cover opened from the center of Alice Cooper’s face, revealing all the characters in the album lazing about in their home away from home. So I didn’t want to own the CD. Unfortunately, that means that I haven’t heard it in years and years….) ahem. In my glee, I had to cite my sources and give my homegirl her props.

I bet she still owns the record….the same one I remember traipsing into Turtle’s Records and Tapes to buy.


~ by merialiss on April 12, 2007.

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