Listening to BBC Radio 1 Courtesy of Sirius.

Apparently after 4+ years on the night shift I am incapable of sustaining sanity for more than about 12 hours at a leisurely pace.

I seem to be fine if I am working, but try to get me to hang out with the kiddos for a whole day and by the end of it I’m on the nod and slightly touchy. “Slightly touchy” meaning “Scary!”

Today is a lovely hopeful Saturday, day before Mother’s day in what could be assumed is my favorite time of year, perhaps second only to the glorious period of time around Turkey Day. But even still I love this weather. We had such violent lightning last night, thunderstorms. I love T-storms! Did you know they have them in England? (A joab at myself and my sometimes childlike naivete concerning the world. Feudalism, I get. Major weather systems that affect a continent managing to affect other masses of land around the world?! Oh, NO, right over my head.)

So today I volunteered to by a magnet or two on Ebay for the best friend of my older son and I have consented to allow him to go with us so he can shop for hamster wheels. He’s inventing. How did my son find him?!?! How could they be more perfect together? Those two could remake the world.

We bought Guitar Hero II and Donkey Konga II this week. We’re all about the rhythm. I have very little of it. E is of course like his papa and is rapidly moving up the ranks. Noah and I are a little slower on the uptake here and don’t has a lot of the rhythm. (Lolcats has overtaken mah grammar)

Today I plan to find a solution to the cat litter in the boys’ room and We might shop a bit and tomorrow on the big day we are going to the RennFest! Wahoo! I can’t wait. It’s supposed to rain a little maybe but I don’t care! My mom is geeked to go, too and it is the perfect thing for us to do on Mama’s day. Last year my Mil was here, too I think so we made other plans. ‘Course last year I didn’t have a preteen obsessed with costuming and weaponry. He will have a seizure of some sort, I am sure. I can’t wait to see him there. He has decided to forgo all other birthday celebrations for the opportunity to go and spend money at the RennFest. This kid blows my mind. I would have stalked him as a BFF had I met him as a child.

And my bedroom feels like Fall. My HVAC man pulled a run off the heat pump in the play room so we are now cooled by both systems in our room. And a much larger duct as well. It blows COLD air right on my bed. COLD. It is no longer stiflingly hot upstairs!


~ by merialiss on May 12, 2007.

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