Sewing, growing, notes

I realized this weekend that I feel about sewing machines the way many ppl feel about computers. I am phobic. I desire the shiny goodness ready to burst forth from inside once tapped…but refuse to go near them. Or, really, I go near them and back away shaking. I intend to use them, I try and I plot and plan and buy books….and yet I am not sewing.

I have a machine the old man bought me years ago and now nobody can remember how to use it (it’s a White machine with a weird bobbin mechanism..not intuitive for them what know in my House).

I volunteered to make costume bits and pieces for the Big Kid’s birthday celebration. We’re going to the RenFest (again) and this time in character. Not I, but the Big Kid and 2 of his friends. I am so delighted that he who turns 12 this week has 2 peers that want to dress up for Renfest that I am willing to overcome my Difficulties. So I bought patterns and fabric.

And let my mother sew nearly everything as I slept for work. She even stressed out about them. I really saw what she always meant about her ability to take over things. Made me exceedingly grateful that she disappeared while I planned my wedding–on purpose so as not to take over. She’s a wise lady. But I let her take over cause she’s good at it and also because I figured the Big Kid would learn a thing or two. But he didn’t hang out to watch much. He certainly absorbed the laying out of the pieces and the reading of the markings, but not much beyond that. I will probably be more than enough for him. The machine will not be (has not been) the impediment to him that it was to me!

Today I sewed most of a cape/cloak. She was nice enough to make the one for the Little Kid out of the cheap “satin” I bought. It was lining fabric and dreadful with which to work! Poor Grammy. So I got to work with a light double knit in white for the Big Kid’s younger friend. He will be mostly in White, while the older friend will be in dark green and the Big Kid in black. The little kid is in blue. The 3 friends have yokes/caplets, gauntlets, and will have boot covers all in a brown leatherette. I will attempt the boot covers myself.

I am just astounded by how easy it is to work the machine, how many steps it simplifies. I am astounded by how quickly these things come together. I am learning about the time required for these things. Remarkable!

In a side note, I got to watch Star Wars tonight with everyone and got to explain things to the Little Kid who doesn’t really remember a lot about the early films since we did not own them on DVD until tonight. I am totally disgusted that these DVDs do not have the original theatrical releases on them! Ugh! I don’t need all the CGI critters! Yick. It was fun with all of us old farts pointing out the stuff that wasn’t there the first times we saw it! Tomorrow night it will be the Empire Strikes Back! This in honor of the 30th anniversary. It’s been a trilogy weekend. We saw POTC3 on Friday. It really isn’t worh blogging about here.

We’ve also really come a long way in the realm of living and learning together. I spend a lot less time yelling now. I have a very different relationship this year with the kids in my house than I did last year. We rely on each other, we work together, we live and learn together. I am seeing our symbiosis through new eyes while Granny is back in town. We don’t eat meals anymore, not like other people. And she needs them, desperately. She needs structure, she loves what the government does for her so she is reluctant to question their authority(same is true for all authority figures, although she does eventually question when pressed). She is just from a different time. But she loves us and trusts us and doesn’t complain or interfere. Neither does my mother. We are so blessed, lucky, whatever.


~ by merialiss on May 28, 2007.

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