Hey–remember skating?

I do and my body seems to as well, thank goodness! Saturday night my sweetie took me out on the town and we skated for a couple of hours. It was like I hadn’t been away…although it was different now that I clearly weigh as much as I did when I first started skating.

I was sad when I realized I had never really gotten as far as I wanted. Fear (and a survival instinct) holds me back. That and a finite amount of time at the rink to learn. I am so uncoordinated–I can rarely understand what it is that my body needs to do to perform a movement. I think I can do it once I understand it, but it takes sooooo long to get that information!

The following Monday I returned alone to try out “Adult night.” It was nice with no anklebiters on the floor but it wasn’t as fun with music from yesteryear. The 90’s music was the best for skating, anyway, except for “Heartache Tonight.” Plus, I was tired and worn out from swimming and from the earlier skating escapade and most importantly, I for got to take my ibuprofen before I went!

I am wishing that soon I will be skating at least once a week again. I do miss it.


~ by merialiss on June 28, 2007.

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