Welcome: Nobody!

A reality-based Journal is never a good idea for me because I want to dive-off into my latest obsessions. I vow that this journal will be essentially free of obsession. At least selfish obsession. I mean, breastfeeding and natural birthing we obsessions forever and a day, but nobody was complaining then. (within earshot, that is)

I talked to my father today and he gave me all sorts of TMI. I get lots of it cuz of me being a nurse and all. My poor stepmother asked (through him) very kindly if I’d mind flying to NM to be with her for her colonoscopy. She has such a dear sense of humour.

We are going to meet with people outside of our home this week. 

I must send in registration for guitar classes this week.

And I must check on Homeschool Soccer.

I am such a homebody/hermit I have to force myself to take the children out 🙂 Or at least it seems that way. I want the wee one to make some new friends, maybe. Friends are tough. They come with parents and sometimes those people are ucky. 

So that is my first reality based post. We are unschoolers. We are weirdos. We love our puters and weirdness. Not much else to say.


~ by merialiss on February 10, 2008.

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