Getting Back into a Swing of things

Certainly not *the* swing of things, since I don’t think there is one way for me, but definitely putting my feet right in front of each other and paying attention to them so I can keep moving (rather than shutting my eyes tightly and stumbling and rolling all outta control!).

Met a favorite unschooler for the second time at RenFest and it inspired me to keep a record since she does a grand job of it.

Then from her Blog I found other blogs of unschooly types that I know or have met. I am excited about getting my feral kids together with other  feral kids so they can enjoy the rapture that only unschooled kids can share. I know mine will need time to debrief and decompress since they spend all their time with schooled kids. I know most folks have no idea the difference but for example, schooled kids tend to end up with the joy and unbridled rapture of play sort of worked out of them over time, whereas a homeschooled–but even more keenly and UNschooled kid will still enjoy playing with toys or running with abandon well into his teen years and not even think twice about it or about what folks will think. So it’s no wonder that the child who wanted so desperately to go to the RenFest for his 13th birthday was commissioned by a 10 year old to sew him a sheath for his sword. That doesn’t happen a lot in other folks’ lives. 😀 I love that!

So I am gonna try to keep this up for me if for nobody else. It was for personal growth and stuff, honest introspection, that sort of stuff. I’ll use it. I swear!

Meanwhile we have dentistry to look forward to. I need to just get honest about how to unschool dental care–you know how? Take care and help my kids make good decisions! Not abandon them and ignore the important lessons! They are too young to decide now that they’d rather not have teeth as adults. Duh! So I will be keeper of the teeth–I can just motivate me financially about being a “Nagger” and remind me that it’ll save me money to keep their mouths healthy…ugh. The healthy mouths are supposed to motivate me! Again with the faulty Mothering skills. Durn. I’ll try harder, I swear!



~ by merialiss on May 20, 2008.

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