Birds gotta fly, grass gotta grow!

So I was angrily vacuuming today and I realized that mowing the grass is not less futile than vacuuming.

See. I was stewing cause I always have to vacuum and the old man always mows the lawn and I thought it wasn’t fair cause nobody ever comes right behind him just to mess up his hard work. Nobody strewing toys and laundry all over the lawn, you know?

But then I realised that the damn grass grows back. It always grows back. Forever and ever even with the drought, it grows back. Hence the futility.

And then I realised that it’s just as natural for the mess and clutter to “grow back” onto the freshly vacuumed floors! As a matter of fact, the healthier the household, the quicker that happens. It’s just one of the by products of living with children! It’s just as natural as grass growing, yeah?

So rather than resent the clutter that keeps moving, and those who create it, I can acknowledge it was part and parcel of the life I’ve chosen. Being resentful at the members of my household whose detritus piles up is about as productive as betting mad at God or Mother nature or whatnot for making the grass grow!


Wish I felt that enlightened.

But I do feel better after that.


~ by merialiss on May 24, 2008.

One Response to “Birds gotta fly, grass gotta grow!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! The clutter piling up and N. not taking care of stuff right after I cleaned up (tracking in mud etc.) was one of my big problems w/ him. This is nice way of looking at it and I needed that today…was just thinking about the house thing last night!


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