Too much Free time

I thought with the boys gone to the beach I’d live it up! Do all those things I can’t do or won’t do when they’re around.
And yet…
I can’t really think of anything else.
I saw an R rated movie.
I… shoot. I cleaned my mom’s room.
She’s having surgery on Tuesday so I wanted to be able to walk in and outta there w/o tripping (or gagging) and so I cleaned it up. A little. That was satisfying.
I wanted to go to the Lush store & get some pampering paraphrenalia…
I wanted to watch R rated (and other films of no interest to the boys) downstairs with the fancy-schmancy equipment. I rented some tonight but it took an hour for me to find anything that caught my eye.
Bottom line is- whether for altruistic motives or not- I miss my boys. And I sure do like that.
I really thought I was more selfish than that!


~ by merialiss on July 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Too much Free time”

  1. Oi, I know this feeling! lol Though with me now it’s my roomie. *laughs* Though I have rediscovered the love of naked cleaning when no one is here. You will think of things when it is time for them to come home…always works that way! 😉

  2. You has hidden RL blog. I finded it. Should I not friend it?

    • You can has friend. I just…it’s so ignored…I mean to actually journal here but seeing as how I haven’t time for living my RL, not a point in writing about it 🙂

      • Duly added. I don’t have the patience to deal with two actual journals. Dealing with the creative journal is hard enough. I can not separate my RL from my Fandom. Same thing, really. 😉


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