Summer Ends

And with it, our frequent trips to Six Flags over Georgia.
I thought with homeschooling my kids, I wouldn’t have to look forward to summer any more. But I find myself enjoying summer more each year as they get older. This year we were able to use season passes for Six Flags since Noah was tall enough to ride every ride. Luckily, he was also brave enough!
Our first trip this summer, in May, he rode his first roller coaster and it was the Scorcher–a stand-up (’s really sort of a bicycle seat with shoulder bar) coaster that goes upside-down. It was a lovely summer.
Mike rarely got to go but we’ve gone a few weekends and since yesterday was his 40th birthday? We rode some coasters today. Best part, best coaster ride of the whole year–was the Goliath (see photo) we waited the extra 20 or so minutes to ride in the front car. And it was so worth it. I could spend all day just doing that. I plan to next year!
The walking and the heat never got old this summer–all I had to hear was that roar of the nearest coaster and I was in my happy place.
I’ve spent all summer listening to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer (I know!) in which he goes through each verse of the Tao te Ching and sort of turns it into a daily meditation. We’d listen to it in the car on the way to Six Flags, and I’d get to practice surrendering into the eternal and infinite Tao while waiting in lines and negotiating crowds full of the great unwashed masses. It was a bunch of big old practical lessons in spirituality: the amusement park as a metaphor for Life in General 🙂

I plan to use this blog again more. I have a Facebook (in which I can contact coworkers and High School alumni) and a Myspace (for what? Silliness and to keep up with the kids like mine and my friends’) and a LiveJournal–which I adore, but it’s too close to my hobbies for real life. And this one, it’s a nice safe middle ground, and it’s stored on my own web page which I pay for but don’t use! Ugh. Why?! (too busy updating the LJs and the FB….that’s why! Hee)

So as Summer draws to a close–college football has started, the other establishment kids are in school, and the days are getting shorter–I hope to spend my Autumn and Winter recording our adventures once again.

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~ by merialiss on September 8, 2008.

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