Vacay day one

We are in Orlando for our first real and true family “us-only” vacation in 6 years.

We left at about 7 this morning. Ate breakfast biscuits from Martin’s on the road.

We spent yesterday renting a van, and another van and yet another. First one had a flat tire. Second one made weird noises that sounded ominous. Third one was the keeper but we didn’t get home with it until after 11pm! First one we picked up around 10am. All that after I’d worked the night before. So I got about 4 hours of sleep yesterday, Saturday.

Then we stayed up late packing for us and loading the van. I fell into bed around 12:30am? And yet around 3:30 I woke up. Awake. Wide Awake. So I tried to go back to sleep until about 5 but then got up and showered and packed up some more things, did my hair. Then I woke Mike. We’d planned originally to leave around 5 but that was before we had to drive to the airport to pick up a rental vehicle at 9:30pm!

So we arrived in Orlando about 1pm, about an hour ahead of our projected arrival time. We checked into our “nonsmoking” room that reeks of smoke. Dear God, I forgot how humid it is in Florida! Liek Woah. Fall doesn’t exist here.

We unpacked and changed clothes and then headed over to Islands of Adventure. Didn’t think we’d get to do much but the best thing about showing up on a Sunday in October? No Lines. So we rode The Hulk and then Spiderman. Then we headed over to Jurassic Park to ride the Pteranodon flyers… Whew! That was the longest wait of the day! For an 80 second ride. Got stuck in the hurricane-like wind of the misting machines while we waited in that long line. Yuck!

Then we ate lunch/dinner–burgers in the dinosaur center. We headed on to the Lost Continent then to ride the Dueling Dragons–what a fun hanging coaster–really, pair of coasters. Man! We rode in the back I think, on the Ice (blue) dragon. They start out side-by-side and then at one point the two coasters run head-on and it feels like they’re going to collide. Big fun! We rode that again immediately and waited the extra time to get the front car: well worth it! I cackled like a fool from the time we almost collided with the Ice Dragon until the end. It was so fun!

We headed into Suess land then and rode some stuff that Elijah had a hard time with since they were a bit below his age level. We rode the Trolley thing–the Sneeches. And then the Caro-Suess-el which is a merry-go-round with Suess critters. Elijah and Mike sat that out, but Noah and I had a good time with it! We hit the Cat in the Hat last there just because Noah needed to see it. No lines made it easy. It’s fairly ho-hum to thrillseekers like ourselves, but I love the story, so it’s worth it to me.

We hit the teacup-esque Storm (from the X-men) ride. Surprisingly, it didn’t make me sick at all and we made that car go so fast, round and round! We hit the Hulk again after that and rode in the last car this time–much better as it let us get the full effect of the “shooting out of the gun” effect it has. So fun. We rode Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall or whatever last. That was fun. Shoots up into the air then bounces the riders.

Now as I type this I’m all but dozing off as I also watch the boys (all 3) play in the pool. It’s 9pm and warm enough to swim (for them, apparently…I don’t think I’d enjoy it!) I can’t wait to go to bed!

Tomorrow I think we’re hitting Universal Studios! Here we come, Earthquake and Twiser and ET!


~ by merialiss on October 6, 2008.

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