Vacation in retrospect

It seems I was planning to give a play by play of our entire vacation in Orlando…but gosh, it was tiring! By the time we ended up back at the hotel, I was pooped out. It was all I could do to upload photos to the puter.


Monday 10/6 we spent at Universal. We headed for E.T. first off… but got hijacked by Terminator 2. That was a 3-D show/ride thing. It was neat. They used real people and filmed sequences to make it seem like Linda Hamilton, Arnold, et al were there. We were meant to be trying to escape from Cybernetics Corp before the Mother-son team blew us all up trying to wipe the machines out. It was pretty neat. I don’t remember it from last time.

Noah was a bit scared to go into the ride–not liking the likelihood that stuff was gonna blow up and/or jump out at him. We assured him he could close his eyes, hide, hold on to us and convinced him we knew it would not be as bad as he thought it would be. He acknowledged we were right and was glad he didn’t miss it.

We split up when it came time to ride E.T. I’d wanted to see the Horror Make-up show and opted to do that instead since E really wanted to skip E.T. That show was pretty funny! And the volunteer was Peruvian, so her English comprehension was a bit slow–esp under those circumstances! The “expert” gave us a recipe for fake blood to make at home–Corn Syrup, Creamy peanut butter, and food coloring? I might be forgetting something. Oh, and a kid got blamed for “messing with” the expert’s “surprise” behind the curtain–all part of the show, the assistant had actually done it, but blamed the kid. So the guy asks his name and he answered, “Michael Jackson!” that was great. Almost stole the show. I figured Elijah would think it was hokey but he really liked it. (he did tell me to stop laughing so loudly!) and we really grooved on all the Hellboy artifacts in the lobby.

Gosh what else?

I know we rode the Simpsons ride somewhere close to next. It was Back to the Future, converted for a new generation. And the Simpsons cartoons they played for us in line even acknowledged it! I missed it, trying as hard as I was to eavesdrop on the family in front of us to figure out where from whence they hailed. Mike told me it was Doc what’shisname from Back to the Future (Christopher Lloyd) saying “Oh no! I had to sell my Institute of Time to some drunken Clown!” and Krusty piping up with “Oh no, I’m that clown!” or somesuch along those lines. It was a motion-simulation ride with a huge domed screen. So fun. The props outside were almost as fun as the ride proper.

I gotta take a break for now, but there will be more.


~ by merialiss on October 12, 2008.

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