A cold evening at the park

My Shiny Noah, loving the playground!

I slept most of this blustery day since I worked the night before. So Noah & I headed out a bit late for his promised trek to the park.

First we followed Elijah to his BFF’s house–We in the van and he on his bike “so I’ll have a way home.” 🙂 We in the van because we were carrying the cargo–pieces of motors we’ve collected so those boys can reuse them for fun, exciting creations! And I finally got/took the opportunity to see their forts in his back yard. All made of scraps and hacked together but what a treasure trove for imaginations for this trio of boys! I always worry what the other moms will think if I go & hang out in the BFF’s back yard–and not for usual reasons either.
I don’t wanna make his mom nervous or uncomfortable. I don’t want her to feel like she must invitw me in, or join us (tho that would be nice!) Plus, yeah..No… I would feel judged & lacking if a mom showed up to play in *my* back yard! *ugh* That’s the heart of it. Yuck. *sigh*
In time.
Anyway, we headed to the park after dropping the stuff off. And it was cold!
We had fun, met another homeschool family, tho not UNschoolers. Still-it was fun to know I had them pegged. (the baby in the sling helped, as did just the fact they were playing, not doin homework)

Anyway, facing each moment fresh, from the place that I right where I need to be? Allows me to smile for no good reason. And that’s quite enough gratitude for a Wednesday 🙂

(that, and the freedom I felt to tell a good, but much younger, friend just exactly how special and wonderful I think she is, on the occasion of her second child’s birth. So grateful)


~ by merialiss on November 13, 2008.

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