Sharing the Shine

I dear Friend and I had a lovely, real conversation tonight via messenger (not pigeon, or well dressed youth, but a program ha) about being present with our kids and how hard it is but how much we want to do this.

I remember so vividly listening with fear and a bit shocked to all the moms in my life complain incessantly about their own kids–back when my oldest was so new. I asked one of them–the one who desperately wanted a third child–and she told me it would wear off.

The newness did wear off, but I am confident the minutes of my life that I’ve spent resenting or disliking my children are far and away outweighed by the hours I’ve felt awed by them, loving them and wishing I could be more for them, give them as much as they deserve. Not that my actions have always reflected my intentions, but my heart has been in the right place and I am so grateful to be free today to love them the way I want to!

I don’t bake everyday. Maybe I will someday!? I don’t do much, really. I am not very good at the whole unschooling package–or at least, I am so not an over-doer like many of the moms whose blogsI read. I am not driven to perform. I am more of a passenger in my kids’ cars. I follow them around and provide direction or input as needed. Then again, I came to this path much later in their lives….my kids are pretty big compared to some.

Speaking of, Noah has mentioned independently on 2 separate occasions that he wants a baby sister now. Odd, since he’s never ever mentioned it before now. Huh. I wish I could just go, “Okay, honey, here ya go!” but I gotta mull that over. I would love a baby, buy another child? Yikes 😀 Then again, what message does it send my kids if I say, “OH NO! Not another one!”?

Okay. I am off to bed after deep thoughts and snacks. I am going to Alabama this weekend. And will be there for the Alabama/Auburn game! I love that!

Oh, and the point of this post was to express my gratitude to the Universe that I have this Friend. She totally “gets” the Shiny thing, the unschooling. She gets it. It’s not just that odd thing that her friend does, it is a reality in her world, too. I love it. I am so glad we can validate each other!


~ by merialiss on November 18, 2008.

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