It was a Merry day, if a bit bland :)

I really had a lovely birthday. No biggie this year.

I vexed Mike and kids by preordering Doctor Who Series 4 so that was right out as a gift.

So, we’re gonna buy me a treadmill soon, well, it’s for all of us, really. But I asked for it.

What he did do, in a fit of utter thoughtfulness, was research the socks I want. His business partner gives him awesome hunting socks every year that I covet and steal. They are wool and very warm. I have notoriously cold feet and I also love to wear non-shoes in the winter that require wool (Birkenstocks, Crocs, etc). So he not only remembered I wanted some, he sought them online and ordered them for me! Precisely the right socks! I love him.

Noah had a dentist appointment today. That took most of the middle of my day. I meant to go shopping on my own–you know, girly shopping…but no…I ran out of time.

So I dragged the whole fam to the Lush store in Macy’s so I could get me some goodies 🙂 I also went to JoAnn‘s to get some yarn so I can crochet some more. I don’t so much enjoy creating objects, but I love the simple meditative quality of crocheting. You should see my scarf. It’s quite shabby chic, and warm, but it is scary. So now I plan to make hats for babies. Baby hats for my work. We’ll see. Those hats, while simple, require a lot of paying attention and the one I made for Noah, while not a baby hat at all, turned out fine, if a bit on the Large side 🙂

Noah needed a trip to JoAnn’s too, since he’s been requesting more pipe-cleaners/chenille thingys. He picked out red and green for decorating for Christmas. And a big bag of Pom Poms of various sizes. And some yarn for himself so he can crochet.

I waffled about dinner all this last week. I was worried about Weight Watchers and how I’d feel about gorging myself a second time in a week. In the end, I had no problems with it at all, heh.

I made up my mind and we ate until we hurt at the Melting Pot. It’s fondue. It is love. It is one of the few places in the world that serves food where I don’t get twitchy about the waitstaff. One thing I’ve learned as a Medical Professional: how to be a great waitress! So I *hate* being waited upon by someone who doesn’t give a whit. You better durn well*care* if I am happy or not. I have to, even though my bloody job is making you healthy! So if it is indeed your job, you better do it, too! *sigh* So I love the Melting Pot for its fantastic servers. They all Rock.

The Birthday Girl, flanked by the Man and wee Noah, stuffed and giddy!

We had traditional Swiss cheese fondue, fiesta mexican cheese fondue (an abomination, frankly) then salads (my Caesar was too authentic: I could taste anchovies!) and then the entree: bits of meat/poultry/seafood served raw to be cooked by us. And they charge a lot for this 😉 So we cooked in oil and in mojo broth. Yummy bits of sirloin, duck, chicken, fish, etc. And veggies, too. We ate and ate and ate. And then Chocolate. We got one Yin and Yang which was dark chocolate and white chocolate swirled together and one that was their original chocolate fondue (milk chocolate and peanut butter). Those came with bits of strawberries and bananas and cheesecake and poundcake and marshmallows…and more…to dip or drizzle with chocolate. It is love, quite simply. It is my favorite. It made me so happy.

(Not the most flattering pic of my mom, or Elijah, but there they are, stuffed full and giddy :D)

My mom gave me Amex gift cards & tea! And my step mom gave me a bracelet I adore. She knows I have an animal print fetish, so the bracelet looks like it’s leopard print. It rocks and matches my winter hat, gloves, and I have 2 pairs of chucks that feature leopard spots 🙂  (My dear old Dad gave me the Usual cash and it paid for our dinner :D)

All in all it was such a Shiny day. I walked around everywhere I went like I had a secret–I did! It was my birthday, and everyone I told just lit up and got happy! What a wonderful power! I love it! Wish I could do that more 😀

So. For now? I’ll beg off and go soak my stuffed self in the Lush goodies to which I treated myself!

Although, I will leave you with “The Romulan,” or so the woman at the Melting Pot called it; it’s the cool neato thing they use to secure the hot pot of hot oil when they have to bring it to and from tables. We laughed waaaay too hard about it and wondering where the “Kligonian” was. SciFi geeks: Gotta love ’em.


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