Needs Improvement

I was painfully reminded today of the grave responsibility of being a Nurse. Nothing bad happened, I just was reminded by an educator that it is solely upon my shoulders to know what I need to know and to keep informed about standards of care, etc. In Georgia, registered nurses are not required to maintain continuing education standards of any kind for licensure. Basically, that means that what you learned in nursing school and what your workplace requires you to learn is all you have to know…unless you are reminded that even if your workplace is clueless it does not exempt you from the responsibility for providing the best care you can. *doh*

And that was what hurt. I like to be a know-it-all. I like to know everything I can, I enjoy a position of being above the law. But in this I am woefully lacking. I think I’m a great nurse, but I have no idea what the American Academy of Pediatrics or any other governing bodies might dictate about the care I provide. I know what they say about breastfeeding and circumcision, but not about life-threatening stuff. Silly me, I thought that wasn’t my job. But it is. What if there isn’t a NICU person around? What if there are 2 babies in dire straits at the same time? Yeah, slim, slim chances, but still! What if the transition nursery person freezes or hurts herself or gets sick? What would I do then?

Thing is, I’ve put my career on the back burner because my family comes first. This called that decision to question! Ugh! Because when I’m on the clock, I need to be the best nurse I can be and that includes being well-trained and well-informed. When I am away from my kids and caring for someone else’s, they aren’t gonna care that I’m a good mama to my boys–those parents relying on me are only going to be interested in how well I can help them and their new baby.

I hate, hate, hate finding myself lacking. I felt quite emotional behind all of this. It was embarrassing, but I realised that I was exactly where I needed to be. I am extremely grateful to have discovered these areas for improvement without a crisis to draw my attention to them! And just because I need some improvement doesn’t mean I suck completely. (duh! But I had to write it out since I don’t really believe it all the time!)

Having only about 4 hours of sleep didn’t help either. Stupid Morning Class. Grrr.

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~ by merialiss on December 8, 2008.

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