Noah’s New Room

Mike spent the weekend breaking his back painting. He never, ever ceases to amaze me! He is so creative when inspired! I thought I was the artist, but he really outshines me regularly (especially since he actually finishes things!)
Noah wanted a room that looked like the woods at night. This was Mike’s vision:

(Oh, and Noah wanted a picture of himself in midair jumping onto his new bed!Aaand…ignore the date stamp…it’s off by a few years…)

The boys are getting their own space for Christmas. That is the bulk of their gifting, since neither of them have huge burning desires of the material variety and they are really getting tired of sharing a tiny room when the guest room (or Granny’s room) sits unused. So Noah’s getting the new room. And since it was all girly with pretty sparkly white wallpaper on 3 of 4 walls. And I even dug up a ‘before’ pic that is not good, but better than nothing:

Elijah has agreed to wait til after Christmas to paint his room. Right now it has what’s left of the boyish wallpaper and border that was there when we moved in: hot air balloons, etc. And wall-drawings inspired by the wall-drawings of the children of my BFF 🙂 He wants to paint his room to look like a dungeon–stone walls, etc. That should be fun and nowhere near as detail-oriented as the Trees in Noah’s room!

But, oh, my! Such pretties! I want that room!


~ by merialiss on December 9, 2008.

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