Merry Merriness :)


I proclaim it a decidedly odd Christmas for 2008–at least for me. I hope I’ve learned my lesson and will stick to my vow never to muck about with this Holiday again! We have 364 other days to practice Voluntary Simplicity. The Yuletide season is not the time for experimenting. Even minor changes (i See now) wreak havoc on my sense of family and home and well-being. I mean, it’s not as dire as all that…but really.

I am also feeding on the ghosts of Elijah’s energy from Xmas Morn–he was disappointed that he didn’t get many toys. It wasthe first time he’d not had something to put together on Xmas day!

His big gift (besides the promise of a Newly Painted Room) was a garden/patio fire pit. Those boys love to burn stuff. It really makes everyone shine…and not from the flames!

More to Follow…

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~ by merialiss on December 29, 2008.

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