I wish I had time for a Year-End review!

When I was in High School, I used to to a sort of random recap of the year that was ending. I’d include songs or bands I’d loved that year, Boys, Catch phrases, even some real-live current events. I’d use a few pages in a spiral notebook (I always had 2 or 3 going at a time) and colorfully and artfully scribble across the page in no particular order. Wish I could find those now, they’d be interesting to read.

I really wish I had done it for the last several years (like 20!).


Feels like my head sorta popped out of my arse at some point about midway through the year. In retrospect, that is. I feel like I was more aware, more awake this year than I have been in recent years. And not just the last few months. I know I have felt more this year! And owned more of my behavior this year.

I can’t even remember the start of the year, can I? I wrote about accepting melancholy as being part of Who I Am. That was sorta my resolution–to stop seeing my moods as something missing in me. I think it worked a little.

In March Mike built a TARDIS! For Noah (and me).

We also got the PS3 in March and had scary tornadoes in Downtown Atlanta!! All for Noah’s 8th birthday!

We had Grampa in April and it was less odd than usual–and he went to Rennaissance Fest and it was so fun! (Sadly I did not make more costumes like I’d intended the year before…). April is RennFest Season. We also used our Zoo passes a lot and ate at Eats downtown! We got passes to Fernbank as well, while Grampa was in town and I enjoyed wandering the Rose Garden.

April 5th was bittersweet–The night before, mom’s cat Busy got very sick and we took him to the pet ER only to have him pass away just after midnight. About 15 hours later, though we were soothed with the First episode in Series Four of Doctor Who–in real time, not weeks later in Sci-Fi time! Wahoo! My poor mama, and it was even very sad for me…which surprised me.

The drought let up a little here in GA.

Noah was finally tall enough to ride everything at Six Flags so we got season passes for that little slice of bliss! We rode coaster after coaster, the best being The Goliath! Not only are they powerful metaphors, they are excellent mood lifters! Oh how we adore coasters! Thank goodness both boys love them like Mike and I love them!

We grieved and mourned when we believed E’s BFF was moving away forever at the start of the summer. I have so many photos from our trip to Six Flags with him that are so laced with bittersweet that I can hardly study them. He left in May. We sent him to CA with a webcam and email addys for all of us. He worried how he would watch Doctor Who on the Slow Path!

I got to vote for a woman for president in the Democratic Primary. It made me teary!

The summer was a whirlwind of six flags and white water and chatting online to our friends around the country. (for Elijah and me, at least).

Noah’s bike got run over twice. He didn’t get a new one until Christmas.

We did get to babysit E’s BFF’s Xbox 360 while he was away. The novelty there wore off pretty quickly since there aren’t many games we enjoyed for that platform.

I think the best part of the Summer was finding out that the BFF was coming HOME!!!! Another school year together! Thank goodness for the poor housing market! We love him so and those boys belong together! When he did come back, we took him and the other friend skating with us and E and the other friend had saved up enough money to buy the BFF his own fancy skates as a welcome home gift! It still moves me.

Mike built his new computer for his birthday in September! That totally rocks! We’ve dreamt of that for years but it actually became nearly necessary this year! And financially feasible and sound, and he had no problems at all! It’s so cool!

We went to Orlando in October. That’s almost too fresh to catalog, but it was such a nice break, so freeing, so affirming. And what grand timing, too–spiritually and temporally–as the economy was tanking, we were fearlessly spending and flying through the air on roller-coasters! An act of Faith and Trust that All is Well.

We came home and started working towards being conscious. Eating at home to save money. Mike read Ishmael and My Ishmael (for me! Since I knew I wouldn’t since I’ve apparently gone off reading for the time being) and was moved to live more Sustainably. Good thing, too–we rented our car for the Orlando trip in the same shopping center as our (not-so) local Whole Foods/Harry’s Farmer’s Market. He discovered while we were there that they try really hard not only to provide us with great organics but with local and regional foods–which are labeled as such! I’ve been wanting to get on that path for a while now, and sure enough, Mike hopped right on when the Time was Right.

October also brought Halloween and or awesome trip to Six Flags on Halloween night!! Riding the Goliath in the cold and dark is an experience I will not soon forget!! It was so incredible! Absolutely amazing!

November brought a New President!! Yay! A democrat in the White House, yes, but a person of color? Miraculous!! Wow. “A new spirit of Service!” Yes we can!!

I think I must have missed a lot of current events in my list, but at least when I look back, I’ll see the highlights. I hope that isn’t all I remember, either. Oh noes! I hope not!

I love New Year’s Eve. So magical. I am working that night this year 😦 but it’s also my second night ever being In Charge of my unit, so I am at least looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to making some major changes physically in the New Year. Yeah, I’m starting the South Beach Diet to kick my sugar habit. And I am gonna join a gym…but the timing is just cause it’s cruel to start right before the holiday season and I am not a cruel person! Well, I try not to be…to me….today… 🙂

And, rather than a resolution, I am still seeking a word/principle or two to hold in my heart in the new year. Kindness still holds the lead in that race. I shall ponder is some more.

Happy New Year! I love a new leaf to turn over!


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