A rant inspired by moviewatching…

Okay, I fail at Nablopomo. Fail. Maybe next month? I don’t need the pressure, quite frankly.

Am I the last person on Earth to watch Juno? People have told me forever that I should see it, I’d love it, I remind them of Juno, blah blah.

But I resisted for several reasons, chief among them my usual suspicion of anything that is so wildly popular. But mostly I just don’t care about another pregnant teenager. Which is odd, for a lot of reasons. There is this huge part of me that thinks teens make great parents and I do honestly believe that biologically we are meant to breed earlier, not later.

My main thing about the film is my fear that teen pregnancy has gotten so normal that we don’t even question it anymore. And yet what I should question, really, is the fact that Teen Pregnancy has been taboo for so long! I think Teen parenthood, teen pregnancy, teen sex all stem from our desperation to control and push our kids! That is the problem. I shall try to stop blaming the victim. And hate the system not its products.

When you make a baby sleep on its own from birth (if you’re really good at it) and expect it to “self comfort” ASAP and then wean to a bottle ASAP if you even bother to breastfeed at all, and then expect that baby to eat solid food before it can chew and potty train before it is ready…and then send it off for enrichment away from its parents and then to school ASAP to build independence…and then expect it to step in time from day one until year 18?

You can expect a bit of rebellion from time to time. You can expect some people to desire some nurturing, some touch. You can expect the system to break down a bit. We have the luxuries and resources, even in this economy, to spoil our kids rotten love-wise and time-wise and still we choose not to! There’s no rush except that most parents want their lives “To themselves” ASAP. So we MUST get the kids OUT of the House ASAP so we can have our lives back! So we must get them ready for school and ready for college and they must DO WELL so that #1 We look good and #2 they leave quickly.

I know there are exceptions, and I am making broad, ugly generalizations. Seeing Juno on the heels of seeing Slumdog Millionaire? Makes me see things through different lenses. Even the poorest among us is rich beyond belief compared to other folks around the world.

I just don’t believe that if we cling to our kids and love them as much as they deserve to be loved–I just don’t for a minute believe it is a wasted investment! They don’t take more than they need if they aren’t starving. Really!

Juno touched on several issues near and dear to my heart. Too many. And yet left me feeling whole and feeling good, which I thought at the outset would be impossible. And the music was so good!

And as an aside, I prefer teen patients to the old ones any day 😀 They are generally more flexible and open-minded and much, much easier on themselves! I much prefer people who are not just having babies because that’s the next thing on the list. I’ve come to despise the ones that seem to have all the accessories and have no clue why they’ve done this thing! A human life is not a check-mark on your to-do list. And I am not even anti-choice 😉


~ by merialiss on January 13, 2009.

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