Inaugural Butterflies

I just read a schedule, a printed, unofficial schedule of the inauguration ceremony for tomorrow…and my eyes filled with tears when I got to the benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery.

And to think that I will be without TV and internet for most of the morning tomorrow…or so I suspect. Why? Because we are having AT&T’s U-verse installed tomorrow morning so that each member of our household may have TV feeds into their respective tellies and to totally max out our internet speeds. It was scheduled weeks ago without thinking of anything but our work schedules!

Yes, I am ready to tear my hair out.

But I know that if I didn’t have a good contingency plan, I would reschedule it myself even though I hate calling folk. My backup plans include the faint hope that the installation will be finished by swearing-in time (that’s NOON, 1200 hours EST FYI); also, the tech might not have shown up yet…or might not have destroyed the infrastructure to the point that my satellite TV viewing will be impaired; Finally, there’s the fact that I can tether my cell phone to my laptop to get internet access that can probably (hopefully) handle streaming media! And then, worst case scenario? The kids and I will escape and go to a public place to watch. Mike suggested going to CNN!

Really? As much as I’d like to watch it live, I am out of touch with the outside world enough that I don’t mind watching it on the ‘net a few hours later. My own morbid curiosity, ie, if something (unexpected, shocking, or just plain unspeakably scarring) should happen…I would want to have seen it live.

And yet, the Universe protected me from those scars on 9/11 so I think I’ll continue to trust Her judgment on this matter and Go with the Flow. I don’t think I’d take it well if anything were to happen and I had no warning.

All that morbid oddness aside, I am just giddy! I can’t believe we’re gonna have a black president! I mean, just getting rid of W is gleeful enough. To have A black president is really nifty. But to have such a brilliant, charismatic, poised and all round awesome man taking the helm *and* he’s black?!?! Holy Criminy! *Swoon*

I’m lousy with anticipation. And it’s MLK day. Today, as I contemplate and and anticipate I am also reminded of the great peaceful work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and of how very far we’ve all come as people in the last 50 years. We crawled out of the ooze!

\o/ \o/ \o/


~ by merialiss on January 19, 2009.

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