Lowest Unemployment since 1983?!

Please, dear Universe…all that smug, self-righteousness I radiated and spewed forth about choosing Nursing as a career? Please, I beg of you, Forgive me! I am a humble Tigger, now. I will not take my job for granted.

The amazing thing to me about this perceived crisis is how pervasive it is. No matter how I try to ignore it and see only the abundance in my own life, it reaches in and touches my life. I think I need to give more, and be more open to all the possibilities out there. They’re closing the nursery at work and not in the good way (like all the babies stay with their mommies good way). They’re downsizing it, letting it get absorbed into NICU so that department can justify its staff. I didn’t think the healthcare system for which I work was hurting for money they way the rest of them are…but then again, no system is “recession proof.”

The thought that keeps occurring to me through these headlines and all the tiny bits of harrowing evidence is that all of the collective fear is not helping. Perhaps it’s denial on my part, but I feel like we’re making up this “crisis.” It feels to me and my naive inner brain that somebody said the economy was toast and so now all the CEOs in the world are laying people off and restructuring and so now unemployment is up and those people can’t spend money and pay bills and revenues are decreasing all around and people are panicking cause it could be them next…and it just perpetuates itself.

We’re okay. I am fine. I have food, shelter, clothing, and so much more. Must not panic 😉

Sorry for the random nature of this post. I worked last 2 nights on very little sleep and I just wanted to get these thoughts out somewhere, anywhere…


~ by merialiss on March 6, 2009.

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