Noah’s Blooming this Spring

As badly as my ovaries have been screaming at me lately “We’re getting old, You’re getting old, Use us!” and as ga-ga as I go over the memories and accessories of parenting babies…

I love my teenager so, and my baby? He’ll be Nine on Tuesday. We spent the day picking out gifts for him.

I love honoring him, and not paying attention to age-ranges and gender suggestions. That Noah? He’s intuitive, emotional, ever-tuned-in-to-now.

He’s wanting to be an artist right now and I have to indulge that as deeply as I can. (Much as I want him to obsess on Pokemon or Castles!). Because he’s not had mandatory arts and crafts on a daily basis (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it was just the pressure to produce pretty stuff for parents that bothered me about arts in school–as a parent) he hasn’t been exposed to as many different..concepts…in art, and while I do sorta torture myself with that info, I also realize he’s old enough and mature enough now to follow his own lead and create at will however he likes!

I remember lusting after my step-mother’s collection of art supplies and feeling so lucky to get to use them. I’m still grateful for the teeny bit of instruction she gave me.

I want to make space for creating in our house. We have a play room but it’s really the place where the toys are stacked (it’s also carpeted…). We also have an area that is rarely used in the kitchen area… I’ll sleep on it.

I used to worry about Noah and drawing. As a child, I drew compulsively. If I didn’t spend some time each day drawing or working with modeling clay…I don’t know what would have happened! He never did though, wasn’t interested, no coloring books, no drawing to speak of at all. Until now. Until he was ready. Same with reading. Apparently, Noah had other things of higher priority to do before now. Right now it just feels like he is totally coming together and finally able to do so much and participate so completely with all of us in the family! It felt for a while like he’d always not get the joke, not like the food, not be allowed to do what the rest of us did. But now he’s right there with us all!

He visits his friends on his bike and wears his helmet to humor me. He calls to let me know where he his and what he’s doing so that I won’t worry. He helps to cook every time we remember to ask for his help 🙂 And he soaks up every bit of information he finds, effortlessly, planting bits like seeds that will grow while he enjoys his life daily.

The trees are greening, Noah’s Blooming. *sigh*

I love this free life of ours!

Trust the Children!!


~ by merialiss on March 8, 2009.

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