My Favorite Time of Year

I was thinking the other day as I compulsively, but none-too-unnecessarily, cleaned house, “This is my favorite time of year!” The warm weather, everything in bloom…but then it occurred to me that I had just had that thought about January.

January is awesome, has really been a favorite for a while–a newly discovered favorite–because it is a time of renewal no matter how cliche it is and because it is a time of relaxing and getting down to the real joy of life–living it–after all the pressure to be Joyous through the winter holidays.

“January to March…that’s my favorite time of the year!” I thought. Because I had my perfect birth and my perfect Wedding Day both in March–plus there’s the weather! All through that period the weather is so exciting and moving–the ever present hope of Snow and Ice, and even more pressing, the hope of Spring! So. January through March..or April, really…

“But my Birthday!” I thought, “I love Fall, and my Birth Month and the excitement of anticipating the Holidays…ooooh and Halloween, too!” So Hmmm…October through April…

October through April…My favorite time of Year!

So…that leaves May through September.

Besides the stifling heat of the South, what’s there NOT to like about Summer?!!

I mean, the kids are Free–the ones what usually aren’t–and the theme parks are open, and everyone in the world sorta has a grand Unschooling attitude! Everyone’s enjoying life and living in the moment rather than worrying about Monday. Plus,the sun, the heat…I love Summer!

So…tallying it all up…I love January for the renewal, February cause it’s short and there’s a Groundhog, and March is special because of my memories and the weather, and then there’s April with it’s Showers bringing May flowers and Elijah’s birthday, and then June with the start of summer fun, July for Fireworks, August for Swimming, September for the hope of Fall and the gift of more Summer and Mike’s birthday and my Mom’s, October brings real cool weather and Halloween, November and my Birthday and Turkey day, and then December with Christmas and the End of the year, and wow!

I love the Whole Year!

Now that makes it real easy to enjoy my life!


~ by merialiss on March 11, 2009.

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