Consolidating, maybe even Simplifying

With the financial climate so…’splodey, I’ve been looking at all the wasteful little cracks in my wallet–and I have a ton of ’em.

I canceled redundant services. Well, overly redundant services…

And anything we were paying for monthly that wasn’t getting used has been canceled (imagine!).

And I killed my website. I canceled my Yahoo small business web hosting. I kept the domain, since I didn’t wanna lose it forever–plus I really wanted to know if it would continue to work with my blogger blog. (it does! Snap–now what? Which do I use?!)

So I signed up for WordPress here and migrated all of my fancy blogposts from blogger to here, as a sort of backup before I did all that. And then I imported my m4ry_4l1c3 Livejournal blog. And my other, older Blogger Blog. So they’re all here, at wordpress now! All my important stuff on one blog! At least it’s important to me…

Anyway, so I’ve consolidated it all into one single blog. And yet I’m still torn. I might still move stuff around a bit. I tend to make poor decisions when I creep about in the middle of the night. Better to let it simmer awhile.

I miss the Blogger community, though…and the widgets! I love the fun widgets on Blogger…


Anyway, Welcome to Word Press!


~ by merialiss on March 19, 2009.

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