Mindfulness of the Body

Listening to Gil Fronsdal talking about mindfulness of the body.

It is delightfully apropos for me right now. I am 40 years old, was 4 weeks into a Couch-to-5k program, eating better, when I was surprised that we had actually succeeded this last month in knocking me up!

I am 5 weeks pregnant today. 

And mindfulness of the body is where I live right now. I can only gain more from it.

Gil attributes this quote to Abraham Lincoln (though I have no idea if he is right): “By the time you’re 40 years old, you’re responsible for your face.” And quotes the Buddha “the body is old karma, your job is to feel it.” 

Each and every time worries pop up (I’m only 5weeks! So much waiting! What if something happens? What if something’s wrong? What if I don’t get what I want? What if this turns bad?!) I choose to come back to my lower abdomen and remember that I am pregnant right now. I am happy about this and choose to enjoy it Right Now. I can feel so many changes in my body. 

Another way that this teaching is holding true for me is in the practice of pain relief. I have succumbed to the tendency of most pregnant women to adamantly avoid any and all substances that could begin to be harmful, to the best of my awareness and ability (until 2 weeks ago, I mocked this tendency openly, but I repent most openly today) so I don’t pop a couple of ibuprofen every moment I have an ache. Any physical discomfort has become a reminder of the pregnancy, draws my awareness to my body and out of my head. I am grateful for this new practice opportunity! 

“Mindfulness of the body is the body’s Mindfulness”

Allowing my body to become aware of itself, to feel my body from the inside out, not examine it. Allowing the awareness of the body to wash over me. These things have turned my impatience into practice, and for that I am grateful!


~ by merialiss on September 4, 2012.

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