the value of blogging

It’s like I go into a trance when I write. I got some lovely feedback from my last post and I just looked at it and I don’t really remember writing that. Then again, all my favorite writing has been like that.

Everything I have tried to write this evening has felt forced and trite, so I started looking through my archives. Thanks to the miracles of importing, I was able to keep all of my blogger blog when I moved over here to wordpress. I had both for a while but then chose this place (don’t remember why).

So tonight I can tell you that I started this blog long before Twitter, and precisely 4 months before Facebook was open to the public.

I spelled the word with a capital L, “bLog” but it may have been a typo, or it may have been my nerdiness about the shortening of weblog into bLog. IDK.

Ha! When I started my blog there were few ppl IRL who knew how to read sentences like this, iykwim. There were the uber nerds, programmers and the like, who spent time on BBS sites. People who had IRC handles. (my brain is hurting trying to remember this) There were also the crunchy moms who leached onto the internet in desperate moves to connect with like minded folk. I was one of those. I guess there were also pedos and religious folk, too, but it seems like it basically broke down into moms and nerds (and many were both!).

What’s really funny is that as fly as I was to have had a blog 9 years ago, I was late to the game. I felt like the last to know about ALLURBASE and L33t. I remember the exact moment I discovered cat macros (before they were collectively known as lolcats) and it changed my life.

As I was learning to rollerskate in the early days of this blog, I was also losing weight, and then began homeschooling. Then Unschooling. And I quit smoking and gained all that weight back. And and and…

I think I wanna go back and read more. I should post some of my favorites though. I was a lot wittier and snarkier then. This was the content for a long time, observations and gushing and bitching about the skating rink. When I think that my younger son was only 4 at the time, I am aghast at the amount of time I spent skating. What was I thinking?? I posted a LOT about Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series (and related titles). And, oh, that’s because I also had a slightly less highbrow blog wherein I would obsess about my latest obsessions. Like books, foods, places, philosophies. Apparently I imported that blog, too. I wish I cared enough to edit those titles because there could be some icky stuff in there. (Like my posts on dental work) And OMG. I just found the first blog, the first bit of snark outside of Mulletsgalore, which no longer exists, I ever loved: Jenny Turpish Slapped me. Neither site exists any more. But I’m so glad I preserved a small bit of both of them. I have to keep doing this so that I can remember things like Candy Crush Saga and Grumpy Cat in 9 more years.

ETA links to posts I like. Like this one about perspective. And this one that’s TMI but that I was wanting to recall lately (get back to that place I was before).


~ by merialiss on April 10, 2013.

One Response to “the value of blogging”

  1. Great job Mary Alice! I’ve been devoting a lot of time to my blog as well. Have you tried the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) site for inspiration? I’ve challenged myself to write a post a day for a month and it’s made all the difference in getting me to sit down and push through the writing blocks! Anyway, I’m so happy for you that you’ve got this up and running again. Much love…Michelle Conaway

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