This blog started on Blogger a long time ago**. It has many topics and a TON of tl;dr. But this page is about me & this blog, so here goes:

My husband and I have tried, where and when we noticed, to make conscious choices about the way we live our lives. If it seems mainstream, it’s probably not because we haven’t questioned everything about it! If it seems odd–it’s because we have questioned everything about the traditional way.

We’re unschoolers, we’re spiritual-not-religious, we recycle and mock blind conformists (but not the ones who are visually impaired). We question a lot of things but we have no intention of going off the grid–no homesteading for us!

I work full time outside the home as a nurse–at Night. I work with new moms and their babies and I love my work. That said, the only thing that really makes me question the Order of Things is the fact that absolutely anyone is allowed to breed.

I believe my children are whole, complete humans and hope to treat them that way in all interactions. I try to support their independence, not undermine it–whilst still allowing and appreciating their dependence.

This WordPress incarnation of my blog (also known as absolutely nothing because I don’t use it any more) started as an experiment in hosting. I imported all my Blogger blog archives (at the time) into this blog, hoping to try something new. (and how cool to have all the nostalgia of my early rollerskating days, the Anita Blake days, the beginning of homeschooling…all in one place!) Meanwhile, I abandoned both incarnations of my blog. I keep threatening to start a new one but there is so much history here, so much expansion –even if it isn’t visible to the naked eye– that I hate to let it go. So I plan to start over again and experiment with a few posting tricks because I have a LOT to say (just gimme some caffeine and a few extra minutes and I’ll bend your ear into origami!) about a lot of things, and I love to write and in the spirit of walking boldly towards new horizons, it is my intention to write more and more and more.


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